Heat loss, characteristic of frame and monolithic buildings, through nodes of adjunction of columns and walls from concrete blocks to socle overlapping are established. The received temperature isolines reflect negative influence of the “bridge of cold”: steel concrete columns of the first floor — socle reinforced concrete overlapping — grillages of pile groups. One of important factors in weather conditions of the North is the increased air infiltration. The difference of pressure of outside and internal air for 16 floor houses during the winter period can make more than 90 Pa that is 1,8 times higher than, for 9 floor houses.

Taking into account the carried-out analysis at design and construction of frame and monolithic buildings in weather conditions with especially low outside temperature it is offered to adhere to the following principles: multiple layers of socle overlapping; multigradualness of T-joint of wall barrier with socle overlapping; application of heat-insulating insert for the first rows of laying. Examples of practical application of these principles of design for some structural components of buildings are given.